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In Development: Airfoil Speakers Touch

Several months back, we mentioned that we were working on Airfoil Speakers Touch for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Development hit some snags that threw us off schedule, but these have recently been overcome. Along with that news, we thought we’d provide a bit more detail on the application, as we’ve had immense interest.

What is Airfoil Speakers Touch?

Airfoil Speakers Touch is a companion application for our Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows products. Coupled with Airfoil, you’ll be able to send audio from your Mac or PC to any iPhones or iPods Touch on the local network. Stream baseball games from your computer to the iPhone as you work around the house. Set up an iPod Touch in a dock and make it act as a remote speaker (just like an AirPort Express). With Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers Touch, you’ll have access to your music in more places.

Even better, this audio plays in sync with any other outputs. Audio played to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, and other computers will all play in sync with the audio on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s very cool.

What does it look like?

Airfoil for Mac sending to Airfoil Speakers Touch

Airfoil Speakers Touch receiving audio

When can I get it?

We’ve heard from hundreds of users eager to use Airfoil with the iPhone and we want to get it in your hands as soon as possible. We’re hoping to submit a finished Airfoil Speakers Touch to the App Store sometime in April. Once approved, it will initially be available free of charge for all Airfoil users.

If you already own Airfoil, just subscribe to our RSS feed or sign up for our mailing list to receive word when Airfoil Speakers Touch is available. If you’re not using Airfoil yet, check it out now for both Mac and Windows. Stay tuned – Airfoil Speakers Touch is coming soon!

9 Responses to “In Development: Airfoil Speakers Touch”

  1. Phil Bridges says:

    Wow, I was expecting to pay for this app and would have been quite happy to, thanks Paul! I currently use an FM transmitter but it’s analogue and has nowhere near the range of my WiFi network. This will also offer a degree of prvacy as my exisitn anlogue signal can be received by any FM radio.

  2. Ian Brown says:

    Can’t wait. Would have paid for the app, but however you guys decide to distribute it, it is functionality I will be stoked to get my hands on.

  3. Clayton Hynfield says:

    I’m with Ian—I subscribed to the RSS feed a month ago in anticipation of Airfoil Speakers Touch!

  4. foobaz says:

    It looks like the app is showing a screenshot and an application icon – does that show the app that is transmitting audio? The level meters are a nice touch, too. I can’t wait to try it myself.

  5. Quentin Carnicelli says:

    foobaz – Yeh, it is our Screen On A Screen technology.

  6. Joshua says:

    Excellent news! I can’t wait for Airfoil Speakers Touch!

    I was excited to see that MacUpdate listed the latest version Airfoil as being able to send to AfST, I thought I missed the announcement.

    I too would be willing to pay for this app in a second…

    P.S. Will the iPhone 3.0 software open up more possibilities for your iPhone/Touch endeavors???

  7. Jeff says:

    This app is the one I’ve been waiting for! I already use airfoil to run macs and airport express speakers and this will complete the perfection by allowing me to wear headphones off my iphone while exercising.

    Can’t wait.

  8. Kyle says:

    Excellent, I’m really looking forward to this app.

    Does Airfoil Speakers Touch essentially disable the iPhone/iPod when it’s in use? For example will I be able to use Remote to change songs in iTunes while using Airfoil Speakers Touch?

  9. Fred says:

    I’m more more eager awaiting some other functionality for Airfoil speakers. I have a Mac Mini as a media center in my living room connected to our TV and a 5.1 digital surround set. I also have a ‘default’ hifi stereo set with good speakers.

    I’d really like to stream music from other pc’s to my stereo set for streaming, but the airfoil speakers application always default to the ‘default’ audio output. I cannot add an iMic to my Mac Mini and let Airfoil Speakers select this audio output instead.

    Rogue Amoeba, please add audio output device selection to the Airfoil Speakers, it really expands the flexibility of the Airfoil environment.

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