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Work For Rogue Amoeba!

Rogue Amoeba is once again looking to expand. At this time, we’re hiring both a new programmer and, in a new role for us, a full-time designer.

We’re looking to expand our team of programmers with an additional Cocoa/Mac OS X expert (iPhoneOS experience is welcome as well). Although we make almost exclusively audio software, audio coding expertise is not something we’re in need of right now. Audio applications, like any consumer-facing software, require an enormous level of interface coding as well, and that’s the role we’re looking to fill.

The full-time design position is a new direction for us, as it will represent our first non-programming hire (other than support work). Over the years we’ve done much of our design in-house, and contracted out for various artwork components. This has worked well enough, with serviceable results that over time have gotten better.

However, no one at Rogue Amoeba is a true artist, and that’s what we’d like to see. We want to take our technical know-how and make it ever more accessible, with polished interfaces that bring that power into the hands of all level of users. So if you can design a spectacular GUI, talk to us. If you think you can help us make the next Apple Design Award winner, we want to hear from you. Get in touch.

Interested? Check out our Jobs page for full details and apply!

6 Responses to “Work For Rogue Amoeba!”

  1. Jeffsters says:

    I saw your post, is this really your first “non-programming hire” you have no product management?

    So much for my dream of working there!


  2. Quentin Carnicelli says:

    Jeffsters –

    Actually it is good news for your dream of working here. As we slowly grow, we start adding more and more job types. Originally it was just Programmers. Next came Support. Now a Designer. Someday when we are big enough, there will be a need for a Product Manager.

  3. Jeffsters says:

    Well…I’m watching from the sidelines and looking forward to more great products!


  4. Chad says:

    Mmmmm….Cocoa and iPhone programming sweetness…

  5. bob says:

    Who has done your design stuff so far? Have you had someone in-house do it? You guys have always had very nice looking logos and icons and stuff. Do you think your logos and stuff will change much with hiring someone fulltime?

  6. Paul Kafasis says:

    Bob: We’ve had a couple talented freelancers do stuff on a regular basis. We’re planning to change our existing icons, but we’ll see what happens over time.

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