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Fission Loves All DRM-Free Audio

A little over a year and a half ago, Apple unveiled iTunes Plus, their DRM-free audio tracks for sale in the iTunes store. At the time, we were very hopeful that this spelled the death of frustrating DRM audio tracks, which prevented legitimate uses by customers. Things took a bit longer than expected, but by the end of 2009, all the files on iTunes will be available in high-quality 256 kbps AAC encoding. Best of all, they’ll be unencumbered by any DRM restrictions.

Fission IconBack in May of 2007, we posted about how well Fission and iTunes Plus files work together. As noted way back then, when using any other editor to edit AAC, your file must be converted out of AAC (to AIFF/WAV) for editing, resulting in quality loss. Fission avoids that by editing the AAC file directly, causing no loss in quality. Fission is the only lossless AAC editor in the world, and it’s still the absolute best way to work with and edit iTunes Plus files. Create sound bytes, mash it up with other audio, or make ringtones – Fission and iTunes Plus work beautifully together.

Fission also works with any standard AAC and MP3 files, such as those from sites like Lala.com and the Amazon MP3 Store. No matter where you get your audio, if it’s DRM-free, Fission makes it a snap to use it the way you want. Fission loves DRM-free audio – check it out now!

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