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Radioshift 1.1.3 Brings Still More Improvements

Radioshift IconAnother month brings with it another set of improvements for Radioshift. We’ve just released version 1.1.3, which fixes several distinct bugs related to timed recording, as well as issues with playback of RealAudio stations. We’re also taking advantage of improved listings for the BBC, provided by our partners at RadioTime, Inc.

Radioshift 1.1.3 is a free update for all licensed owners of Radioshift, so all existing users should simply click to download. If you haven’t experienced the best way to listen to and record radio on your Mac, check out Radioshift now with a free trial.

14 Responses to “Radioshift 1.1.3 Brings Still More Improvements”

  1. Marc in Italy says:

    As someone who’s new to Mac, new to Radio Shift and an avid BBC Radio 4 listener I’d like to say a big ‘Thanks’. Its an effective app wrapped-up in a great interface and I look forward to it being even better now.

  2. Jim says:

    Can we look forward to Radioshift supporting Pulsar?

  3. Happy Lackey says:

    A couple of items for the Radioshift wish list:

    1. Please add an option to prevent recordings from being copied into the iTunes Music folder when “Send to iTunes” is invoked. I’m probably not alone in preferring to create and keep media files on an external drive, and it would be nice to have the convenience of the “Send to iTunes” function while respecting the iTunes “Copy files into iTunes Music folder” setting.

    2. I would like to see sortable date strings (e.g., YYYYMMDD) used in the titles of recordings. This would enable me to more easily sort playlists containing both Radioshift recordings and recordings from Audio Hijack.

  4. Paul Kafasis says:

    Marc: Glad we can help!

    Jim: XM and SIRIUS streaming may eventually come in to Radioshift, but it’s not likely to be through Pulsar, no. Radioshift uses all internal code for streaming, it doesn’t pull from external sources (mm, save the Radioshark), and that’s not likely to change.

    Happy Lackey: 1) I believe we do respect what iTunes has set. If you have it set to copy, then the files will be copied. Otherwise, they’ll be moved. If you’re seeing something different, email us directly and we’ll see what we can find.

    2) We’ll consider this for the future.

  5. Jonathan Crone says:

    I put in a comment, but it didn’t seem to ‘take’

    I think I’ve asked for this before, so how about i throw down a challenge:
    I’ll -pay- for this bug to get fixed!!! (say $20? :-) )

    Radioshift is happy playing .asx streams. Great.
    However, if an ASX stream has substreams, radioshift will only play and record
    the final stream within the list.

    up here in Canada we have the Canadian Broadcasting corporation. Kinda like
    the NPR in the states…. Great website full of live concert recordings.
    cbc.ca go to radio 2 link, go to concerts on demand link.
    marvel at almost 1000 concerts from all sorts of genres.

    All of the concerts have the ability to play an individial track, or there is an
    ALL.ASX link which is supposed to play each track from the concert.
    Radioshift chokes on the ALL.ASX link and skips to the last link of the
    concert. I’d like to record the whole darned concert.

    Alternative: make it easier to import subscriptions…let me feed in a flat text
    file listing URL’s, and have that create a series of subscriptions…

    Second alternative: support automator better within radioshift.
    If I could get Automator to play nicely with radioshift, I could use Automator
    to make a list of all the ASX links, and feed them into radioshift one at a time. (Tedious, annoying, but doable )
    (there are some -REALLY- good concerts that I want on my ipod, and not
    only when I’m at home near the computer )

    Also: could it be possible to have radioshift not create each and every subscription as a new “playlist” in itunes when it does a “send to itunes’? Lately,
    every thing I send to iTunes ends up in its own playlist…

  6. DF says:

    I’ve been trying to find a list of ports that Radioshift needs open on routers – any help? It’s either fix it through this, or conclude that the program doesn’t work very well…

  7. Happy Lackey says:

    Paul K: Radioshift 1.1.3 definitely ignores the iTunes “Copy files into iTunes Music folder” setting here (OSX 10.4.11 iTunes 8.0.2). If that iTunes option is not set (is unchecked), the audio file should be left in place (NOT moved) and entered into the iTunes library with a reference to its current location. FWIW, Audio Hijack does the right thing via its built-in scripts.

  8. Paul Kafasis says:

    Jonathan Crone: I’m afraid we prioritize bug fixes based on severity and popularity. Sorry, no bribes! We’ll have to look at this and see what we can find.

    As for playlists, I don’t know that we’ll be changing this right now. You can, of course, close the folder that Radioshift uses, so you have just one master list (by clicking Radioshift, instead of a sub-playlist). We’ll keep this in mind though.

    DF: You shouldn’t need to worry about port forwarding on routers when streaming internet radio, unless you’re on an extremely locked down network. You should definitely contact us directly.

    Happy Lackey: I had looked at this incorrectly before. Indeed, we always copy the files over, to prevent data loss if you delete the file from within Radioshift. It’s a difficult thing to model mentally for users, because the file system never gets involved, and if you’re not careful, users can lose data which they’ve only ever seen inside of another app (and not in the Finder). We’ll see how we can improve this in the future.

  9. Jeff says:

    Jonathan Crone: Paul told me about your problem, and I believe that we’ve found a solution. Please contact Rogue Amoeba support, and tell them Jeff sent you. :-)

  10. Jason says:

    Any chance of adding the ability to just play a stream at a certain time (including waking from sleep) rather than recording?

  11. Paul Kafasis says:

    Jason: The focus for RS thus far has been on Recording but we know there are a lot of improvements to be made in the area of simply listening to audio. We’ll see what happens in the future.

  12. Jonathan Crone says:

    Thanks Jeff and Paul.

    Much appreciated. I do enjoy radio shift. I’m just trying to enjoy it more.
    between 3 kids, a woodworking hobby, and that darned “having to work for a living”
    I just don’t get to listen to everything I want to, at the times I want to listen to it,
    so anything that would make the recording process work better would be spiffy.

    (I tried Audio Hijack in the demo mode: pretty cool, and I like the apple script support… now just to make the time to ramp up on apple script)

  13. Brent Smith says:

    Love the idea of the product!

    Downloaded to macbook, Intel Dual Core, 2 gigs RAM with OS 10.5. Seemed to greatly slow down my system. For example 5 minutes to log out and shut down, and about 6 minutes to boot up and random stalling using the computer, with the rainbow wheel turning for minutes at time. It got to the point in which I had to reinstall the OS and restore all day yesterday. I’m running fine now and its back to normal. (I currently don’t have Radio Shift installed).

    I can’t say for certain if this was the cause or not.

    I’m am asking if anybody else has has any issues with their computers slowing down (I mean significantly) when using this product? I would like to download again (and eventually purchase), however out of fear of another restore, I’m still licking my wounds from a lost day of productivity.

  14. Jonathan Crone says:

    Been using radioshift for about a year and never had that sort of problem. Did you have the “Radioshift Helper” installed? (thats the background capture tool)
    I have had several crashes over the past year but that doesn’t sound the same as you,
    and today I discovered that Radioshift wasn’t deleting old content
    that I had deleted (i found my music folder had a radioshift folder full of subscription content that I thought was gone, because I deleted the file from within radioshift) but that wouldn’t explain your slowdowns.

    About the only time I had a big slowdown with radioshift was trying an experiment in which I was recording about 20 streams at the same time…. LOL

    Brent: one other question: were you using the 10.5.6 update of 10.5? with a Firewire drive? on the support.apple.com area there are a lot of people (including me) having huge problems with 10.5.6 and firewire devices.

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