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RAOperationQueue 1.0.2

We’ve posted another update to RAOperationQueue, this time to fix a mach port leak. Download RAOperationQueue 1.0.2 here.

This bug was due to incorrectly using mach_port_deallocate to destroy our mach port. This function only works on certain mach ports, and for ours it’s required to use mach_port_mod_refs instead. This update just switches out the one for the other.

The severity of the leak depends on your usage of the code. It leaks one mach port per RAOperationQueue and one per RAWaitableSelectorOperation. Other RAOperations will not leak. Regardless of your usage, this is still a recommended update for everyone.

For more info on what RAOperationQueue is and why you might want to use it, see RAOperationQueue, an open-source replacement for NSOperationQueue.

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