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Radioshift Touch 1.0.1 Available In The App Store

Radioshift Touch IconWe shipped Radioshift Touch 1.0.0 exactly three weeks ago, and after a couple hiccups (including Apple inadvertently removing Radioshift Touch from the App Store not once but twice), we’ve got a 1.0.1 update available for everyone! This update addresses several small but important issues, including:

If you were playing audio when you quit Radioshift Touch, it will automatically load that same stream on your next launch. This is great for when you receive a phone call or need to quickly drop out of the application for something. As soon as you relaunch, you’ll be listening to your music again.

In our 1.0.0, we were requiring too many taps to load a stream, including showing an Stream Info page that didn’t provide a whole lot. With 1.0.1, tapping a stream from search results now immediately starts it playing.

We’re now receiving and displaying higher quality artwork where available, from our partners at RadioTime, who provide the data for Radioshift Touch.

We had a lot of requests to show the bitrate of the stream you’re receiving, so this is now included on the Now Playing screen. These bitrates changes with our SmartStream feature, so you may notice different bitrates for the same station, depending on your connection.

We’ve fixed several bugs, including an issue where Favorites would no longer be sortable, improved stability on bad streams, turned off auto-correct on the search field (so you can easily search for call letters like KBBL), and more.

So if you’re already using Radioshift Touch, be sure to update through the App Store. If you haven’t used Radioshift Touch yet, you can get listening to great live content on the iPhone, with thousands of internet radio streams at your fingertips, right now. Check out Radioshift Touch by visiting the Radioshift Touch webpage and purchase it right through the iPhone App Store.

4 Responses to “Radioshift Touch 1.0.1 Available In The App Store”

  1. Steven Fisher says:

    This is an app I’d love to purchase, but I haven’t seen yet if it works internationally. Specifically, I want to know if it will work for me: I’ll be purchasing it form the Canadian store, using it here in Canada.

    Sadly, it isn’t a stupid question — content licensing is always a little funny.

  2. Paul Kafasis says:

    You’re right that sadly, that’s not a stupid question due to content licensing.

    However, the streams found in the stream browser:


    Are available the world over, there’s no limitations there on location. Hope that helps!

  3. Trevor Turk says:

    Awesome update. Thanks!

  4. Steven Fisher says:

    Thanks, Paul. I’ll pick it up some time this week. :)

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