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Pulsar Is Coming

The Final Frontier. Now In Stereo.


24 Responses to “Pulsar Is Coming”

  1. Kyle says:

    Well, I’m certainly intrigued.

  2. JPG says:

    Space in stereo? What the H? Anyone have a guess?!?

  3. Andy says:

    Guess #1: It’s a vocal processor which… makes your… voice… sound like… William Shatner

    Guess #2: It’s a silencing tool. In space no one can hear you scream after all.

    Guess #3: Beat box?

    Ok, that’s all I got.

  4. MCO says:

    Another “exciting” iTunes visualizer?

  5. muzz says:

    an audiogame? nah

  6. KevinR says:

    Well here it is Dec 26th and I am still looking for that “PULSAR”… :)

  7. Paul Kafasis says:

    No one’s been terribly close yet. It’s audio-related, you can count on that.

    Let’s see, can I give any other hints? Well, the name is more literal than you might think.

  8. Sven says:


  9. Christopher says:

    Based superficially on the logo, I hypothesise that it is an audio/radio broadcast app.

    The word ‘pulsar’ doesn’t mean too much to me in a literal sense.

  10. Paul Kafasis says:

    Well, we’ve already got a broadcast app, in Nicecast.

    Sven’s link is a good one to learn more about Pulsars and see how that might relate to the name.

  11. Luna says:

    Is it an AirFoil remote control app for iPod Touch & iPhone??

  12. Luna says:

    Ahh an airfoil speakers app for iPhone & iPod Touch?

  13. Jared C. says:

    I have the following three guesses:

    1. You have created a spacial music application which allows you to fill your room with a band. Using a microphone on your body (iPhone?), pulses are sent from stereo speakers to allow the computer to triangulate your position. With individual instrument audio tracks, you can move “closer” to an instrument and hear that instrument louder. This would make each listening experience interactive and unique.

    2. You’ve developed a new 3D mapping application that uses standard stereo speakers and a microphone to map the 3D location of the microphone. Multiple pitched pulses will be sent and averaged to triangulate the relative microphone position. Linking data points together creates a quick and accurate 3D model that can be exported in a wide variety of 3D modeling formats.

    3. Taking advantage of the “new” background push notifications in the iPhone, a pulse will let you know each time your modem connected mac receives a phone call. Using pre-defined rules or on screen interactions, you can screen the calls. If connected to wifi, you can accept the call via VoIP. If you are on a cellular network, you can choose to have the call forwarded to your iPhone.

    What can I say…I like to dream big.

  14. micros says:

    I reckon something that allows streaming direct to or from an iPhone

  15. Peter says:

    Streaming radio for the iPhone? Clock linked to an atomic clock (probably a bit boring that one) The image has the right dimensions for an iPhone / iPod touch application.

  16. Ben says:

    Is it an app for the iPhone that finds the phone number for any internet radio station and lets you call in to request a song?

  17. Ed says:

    I’m still holding out for a way to use an iPhone/Touch as Airfoil Speakers… Pretty please!

  18. Paul Kafasis says:

    A few people mentioned Airfoil Speakers for iPhone. As noted previously, that’s something that’s in progress. However, it won’t have a new name; I imagine it will just be called “Airfoil Speakers for iPhone” or perhaps “Airfoil Speakers Touch”.

    Jared C.: #1 sounds incredibly interesting, but completely unmarketable. Perhaps the MIT Media Lab can make that. Or already has.

    #2 is less interesting to me, but if it could work, it would be very cool.

    #3 would rely on something that still isn’t available. Apple said September, and it’s now almost January, and nothing on Push. Beyond that, it doesn’t really fit our audio niche.

    Fun ideas though.

    Anyhow, Pulsar is actually unrelated to Airfoil in any way, and it’s not for the iPhone either. We’re hopeful you won’t have much longer to wait.

  19. Ryan Dour says:

    Maybe it is a program to allow the listening of Dolby 5.1 as binaural audio for portable listening. Many movies now have the 5.1 track included for TV. If you could use spacial audio in a similar way to WaveArts’s Panarama, you could have an amazing listening experience right at your desk for any movie!

    At least I hope that’s what it is. It could be presented to the system as a 5.1 capable sound device. That way, even DVD Player and Front Row could pass along the audio to it, translate, and move right into my head!

  20. George Leger III says:

    I used to have a synth named “Pulsar”… could it be a synth or VI (Virtual Instrument) for the iPhone/iTouch, or maybe Logic/Garageband?

  21. George Leger III says:

    It could also be an app that could allow us to stream video to something like an iphone, or maybe another computer via itunes, or from what ever it is…

  22. Paul Kafasis says:

    Pulsar has been unveiled: http://www.rogueamoeba.com/utm/2009/01/02/say-hello-to-pulsar/

    Sorry to everyone who didn’t get what they wanted, but we hope plenty of you will enjoy it!

  23. Neil Leitch says:

    I hope they come out with a fix to stop the split second drop outs, which I think happens when a song title is changed on a channel. It gets annoying when listening for awhile.
    Also I would love to see an iPhone app come out for Pulsar. That would be awesome!!

  24. Paul Kafasis says:

    Neil: We’ve heard a couple reports of this, and we’ll be looking in to it.

    As for the iPhone, it’s unlikely, but we’ll see.

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