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Radioshift Touch Receives 4 Mice!

Our newest product, Radioshift Touch, was released just last week, and already it’s gathering rave reviews. First up, Chris Breen has provided a fantastic in-depth look at Radioshift Touch over at Macworld, and awarded us with 4 mice out of 5.

I spoke frankly and in some depth with Chris about the product, and he really nailed things in his review. We focused on the interface and stability for Radioshift 1.0.0, and believe it shows. Our catalog of streams is smaller than others’ at this time, but we’ve worked hard to make our application fast, stable, and fun to use. We’re very pleased with parts of it (such as Local and Favorites), and working to improve other parts (such as Genres), and that will come over time.

For now, we’ve already got Radioshift 1.0.1 in the App Store review queue. That should appear within a few days (subject to Apple’s approval), and it will fix several minor issues as well as improve the interface further. We’re also hard at work on larger improvements and updates. We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for plenty of updates!

2 Responses to “Radioshift Touch Receives 4 Mice!”

  1. Veitafan says:

    Hi! Love you’re app.. But i hope you will make radioshift able to run while using the touch for other tings. Will this come in future updates? I hope so! Would make the produkt even nicer.

  2. Paul Kafasis says:

    Veitafan: Unfortunately, this limitation (that Radioshift Touch must be the foreground application to play audio) is imposed by Apple. Applications are simply not allowed to do anything, such as play audio, when in the background. Sadly, there’s no way around this (unless you’re Apple, and make the iPod application, for instance).

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