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Radioshift Touch Is Now Available!

Radioshift Touch IconLadies and gents, we’re very pleased to unveil our first new application in over a year, as well as our very first iPhone application. Today, we’ve released Radioshift Touch on the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.

Radioshift Touch puts the world of internet radio in the palm of your hand. With Radioshift Touch, you can listen to internet radio streams anywhere you like, over Wifi, EDGE, and 3G. We’ve got support for thousands of streams, and the built-in guide makes it easy to find old favorites and great new stations as well. Best of all, Radioshift Touch’s exclusive SmartStream feature automatically chooses the best quality stream for your network connection, giving you the smoothest audio quality possible.

We’ve focused exclusively on listening to live streams with Radioshift Touch. Users of Radioshift on the Mac will be familiar with the powerful radio listings found in Radioshift Touch, as both applications are powered by our friends and partners at RadioTime. However, while Radioshift and Radioshift Touch share a common name and ancestry, they’re fully independent of one another. We’ll be considering ideas to get the two working together in interesting ways, but they were developed, and will continue to grow, as two distinct products.

Radioshift Touch is aimed squarely at listening to great live content on the iPhone. So whether you’re at home or driving cross-country, Radioshift Touch will put thousands of internet radio streams at your fingertips. Check out Radioshift Touch by visiting the Radioshift Touch webpage and purchase it right through the iPhone App Store.

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