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python 3.0

James Bennett: Python 3.0 was designed to clear up a lot of now-inertial legacy issues with the Python language and figure out good ways to do things now instead of unquestioningly sticking with what seemed like good ways (or, more often, the least painful ways) to do things five or ten years ago. (via Michael Tsai)

Although I do not look forward to porting all the code we have from python 2.5 to python 3.0, I very much look forward to python 3.0 when we get there.

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  1. Matthijs van der Vleuten says:

    Python 2.6 provides incompatibility warnings for code that is expected to break with Python 3.0. You can get most of the porting work done if you use Python 2.6.

  2. Paul D. Waite says:

    Out of interest, how much Python code do you guys have in your OS X apps?

  3. Quentin Carnicelli says:

    Paul – Currently none, although we are starting to play with PyObjc and will eventually be shipping a bit to see how it fairs in the wild. We have a fair amount of python running on the website, and another large chunk running our build system.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice site!

  5. Paul D. Waite says:

    Gotcha, thanks for the insight.

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