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Improved MP3 Streaming With Radioshift 1.1.1

Radioshift IconIt may be a minor update to the version number, but version 1.1.1 of our internet radio player and recorder Radioshift features a big change behind the scenes. We’ve been hard at work improving the MP3 playback engine in Radioshift, which plays thousands of streams from the Radio Guide and the internet at large. This engine is now even more robust, with better error handling and reporting, and playback of many more streams, including streams from iTunes own Radio section.

We’ve also updated the MP3 recording engine found in Radioshift, along with fixing many minor bugs and appearance issues. This is a free update for all licensed owners of Radioshift, so just click to download. And if you haven’t tried out our internet radio tool, you can check out Radioshift now with a free trial.

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