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Fission 1.6 Brings iPhone Ringtones

Fission IconIt’s been many months since our audio editor Fission has seen an update, but in that time it’s continued to gain users and popularity. Today, we’ve got a new version, Fission 1.6, replete with new features and improvements.

The biggest update is that Fission now has built-in iPhone Ringtone saving, using the same method found in our MakeiPhoneRingtone application. With Fission, you can take any audio file in any format (not just AAC), and easily turn it into a ringtone/alarm sound for your iPhone! Just crop it down to 40 seconds or less, then choose “Save as iPhone Ringtone”, and Fission will handle the rest. Your file will be transcoding to AAC if needed, then passed off to iTunes and ready for syncing.

Fission 1.6 also adds the ability to Insert Silence into a file, a command to set the exact location of the playhead, software updates via Sparkle, and almost two dozen additional improvements and bug fixes. It’s a free update for all licensed owners of Fission, and can be downloaded right here.

If you haven’t tried out Fission, you can can learn more about it right on the Fission page and download the free trial right now.

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