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Fission 1.6 Brings iPhone Ringtones

Fission IconIt’s been many months since our audio editor Fission has seen an update, but in that time it’s continued to gain users and popularity. Today, we’ve got a new version, Fission 1.6, replete with new features and improvements.

The biggest update is that Fission now has built-in iPhone Ringtone saving, using the same method found in our MakeiPhoneRingtone application. With Fission, you can take any audio file in any format (not just AAC), and easily turn it into a ringtone/alarm sound for your iPhone! Just crop it down to 40 seconds or less, then choose “Save as iPhone Ringtone”, and Fission will handle the rest. Your file will be transcoding to AAC if needed, then passed off to iTunes and ready for syncing.

Fission 1.6 also adds the ability to Insert Silence into a file, a command to set the exact location of the playhead, software updates via Sparkle, and almost two dozen additional improvements and bug fixes. It’s a free update for all licensed owners of Fission, and can be downloaded right here.

If you haven’t tried out Fission, you can can learn more about it right on the Fission page and download the free trial right now.

8 Responses to “Fission 1.6 Brings iPhone Ringtones”

  1. James Katt says:

    Thank you!

  2. Brian Christiansen says:

    >Almost two dozen additional improvements and bug fixes

    Is there a changelog anywhere? I’d love to see the full list.

    As a long-time licensed user, I’d *love* to see the ability to edit the stereo tracks separately, even if it were only for lossless files. Right now, if I have to silence a noise on one of the tracks, it’s a 30 minute roundtrip to Audacity (or as I like to call it, UI hell) to split out the tracks separately, then edit them separately back in Fission, and then back to Audacity to recombine. Ugh. Unbearable.

    Please? Bribes, perhaps?

  3. John Murphy says:

    Actually there are two editing functions in Audacity that would be *extremely* useful in Fission – Select from Beginning to Cursor (Playhead) and Select from Cursor to End. These make cleaning up the beginning and end of captured audio much easier in Audacity than in Fission.

    (Also a long-time licensed user)

  4. Quentin Carnicelli says:

    Brain –

    The full changelog is a bit buried, but it is there in the manual: Help -> Fission Manual -> Version History.

  5. Paul Kafasis says:

    Brian: As Quentin notes, you can find the Changelog in the Manual itself. We’re actually working on a site update that will likely have release notes available on the main page.

    As for stereo editing, we’ll see what happens. We certainly know people want to avoid Audacity and other editors. The trick is adding functionality while retaining simplicity. When people say Fission is so simple and it’s perfect, but it just needs to do one tiny little thing more, they generally fail to realize that their “one tiny little thing more” is different from everyone else’s. If we added every tiny little thing, Fission wouldn’t be simple at all 8).

    John Murphy: You can actually do this with just a couple quick keypresses:

    I Home O for “From Playhead to Beginning”

    I End O for “From Playhead to End”

    I starts a selection at the playhead, then Home or End jump the playhead, the O extends to the select to the playhead.

    Hope that works well for you!

  6. Brian Christiansen says:

    Paul, Quentin,

    Thx for your response. I understand your reticence to add features, I’m sorta in the same businesses. My thought is that this would be very relevant to your user base, if you find a lot of podcasters using your product. I am also a podcaster (uie.com/audio – all edited with Fission with a couple of other tools) and we do a lot of two-track recording, either from a Skype call or from a recording device that has two mics, one on each channel. Often times, a very disruptive noise occurs on only one channel and needs to be dealt with. I dread this because it adds substantial labor to the editing process.

    Built-in two-track editing would save me a lot of labor.

    Thanks for the great product, either way.


  7. Paul Kafasis says:

    Brian: We definitely understand, and we consider everything we hear. As you note, it’s reticence, and it’s because we don’t want to wreck what we have. Where we can improve what we have, we do (such as pasting in audio, joining files, gain adjustment, and other features we’ve added), but we’re doing this slowly.

    Anyhow, like I said, we’ll see what happens!

  8. Audio Pro and DJ tech Reviews says:

    Fission sounds like a great app. It quite easy to use and it’s only $32.
    It seems like a cheaper, more home-user friendly alternative to Adobe Audition.

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