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Further App Store Links

Macworld.com has a trio of good links to check out regarding the iPhone App Store. If you’re just tuning in, Jason Snell’s article is a great way to get started. His headline says it all – Apple needs to make changes, and soon, in order to avoid driving away developers.

Second, Dan Moren writes more specifically on Apple’s latest move, which has been to place rejection letters under NDA. This level of ridiculousness sounds like parody, but it is all too real, and Dan accurately touches on just why it’s so damaging.

Finally, I had a chance to chat with Chris Breen on the Macworld podcast, discussing the issues with the App Store from a developers’ perspective.

I certainly feel like I’ve been talking about the iPhone a lot, particularly for a company that doesn’t currently have any iPhone software available. There are many reasons for that, but perhaps most important is that we believe the iPhone is a fantastically promising platform, and we don’t want to see that promise squandered. Here’s hoping Apple will do what’s needed to improve relations with developers.

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