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While our initial (somewhat large and complex) iPhone application is still in the works, Mike Ash and friends managed to release an iPhone application of their own: NetAwake, a nice little Wake-On-LAN tool.

And since this is an Under The Microscope post relating to the iPhone, we can’t help but also link to the horror story about bringing NetAwake to market. We criticize because we care!

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  1. connor says:

    speaking of iphone apps, will you be developing an app that replicate the functionality of airfoil on the iphone and ipod touch? It would have to be using the hacked version of the iphone or ipod touch methinks apple wouldn’t allow it. this app would be killer and i would definitely pay 50$ for such an app

  2. Paul Kafasis says:

    connor: Indeed, that’s not something we can do within the confines of the existing SDK licensing agreement with Apple. That’s unfortunate, because it means it’s not economy viable for us to develop it. Releasing an apps exclusively for jailbroken phones just won’t work, I’m afraid. As such, we’re left waiting for Apple to change their agreement, before we can consider Airfoil for the iPhone.

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