Under The Microscope


Snapper IconFast and easy screenshots are something we take for granted on Mac OS, with Command-Shift-3 producing a picture file on the Desktop dating back to System 7, and Command-Shift-4 letting you do a Selection screenshot starting in OS 8.

Windows users have never been so lucky, with the Print Screen keyboard button simply putting the screen contents onto the Clipboard. This in turn leads to all kinds of awkwardness when trying to give that screenshot to someone else.

Which leads me to Snapper, a recently released Windows screenshot utility created by our own David Hammerton (the programmer behind Airfoil for Windows and both Airfoil Speakers for Windows and Linux). I’ve been using Snapper myself to take our screenshots of Airfoil for Windows for a few months now. Whenever I had to take them before, it was an absolute chore to get done. With Snapper, I don’t have to give it a second thought, just like on Mac OS. That’s exactly how it should be. For our Windows users out there still suffering with Print Screen, check out the free utility Snapper.

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