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*Updated* Airfoil for Windows 2.6.1 Arrives

Airfoil for Windows IconAs mentioned earlier, Airfoil for Windows has been largely re-coded, moving from Win32, to .NET. Our goal here was to make it easier to maintain for the future, provide greater productivity on our end, and make it more versatile overall.

This update also features improved compatibility with applications like foobar2000 and others and better synchronization with all output types. Airfoil for Windows 2.6.1 is a free update for all licensed owners of Airfoil for Windows, and can be downloaded right here. Windows 2000 users should note that Airfoil 2.6.1 requires Windows XP or Windows Vista.

If you’re not currently using Airfoil (for Windows or Mac), you can learn more about our tool for sending any audio to the AirPort Express, Apple TV, and other computers on the Airfoil page.

Update (August 14th, 2008): While in development, Airfoil had an expiration date in the code, so we wouldn’t have old copies in the wild. It looks like this wasn’t properly disabled in Airfoil for Windows 2.6, preventing the software from working past August 31st, 2008. Updating to Airfoil for Windows 2.6.1 fixes this issue, so grab the latest version right here.

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