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Audio Hijack Pro 2.8.3 Improves VoIP Hijacking

Audio Hijack Pro IconWe released an important update to Audio Hijack two weeks ago, with several needed improvements and fixes. However, one fix we made to improve our MegaMix mode (which pulls in multiple audio streams from a single application) had a negative impact on hijacking audio from VoIP applications like Skype and iChat.

We’ve now adjusted Audio Hijack Pro to fix the issue, so hijacking and recording interviews and chats over Skype, iChat, and other VoIP and audio chat applications will be better than ever. Visit the Audio Hijack Pro page or just download Audio Hijack Pro directly.

8 Responses to “Audio Hijack Pro 2.8.3 Improves VoIP Hijacking”

  1. Partners in Grime says:

    This is a nice product that is being improved all the time.

  2. Gene Steinberg says:

    Paul, can you explain in what fashion MegaMix recording “will be better than ever”?


  3. Randal L. Schwartz says:

    AHP has been indispensible for a number of interesting tasks for me, both in recording podcasts such as my FLOSS Weekly and Insight Cruises News-es, and in piping random audio in and out of chats. (I’ve gotten really good at tweaking my “mike to sf2” pipeline by dropping random effects in to make me sound funny.)

    Thanks for the great program, and the continual updates.

  4. Erik Marcus says:

    Thanks for the quick update / bug fix. I was one of the unhappy people who had the 2.8.2 release break my ability to record Skype calls. I was grateful for the prompt technical support I received, which enabled me to get a workaround in place. And this new 2.8.3 release returned everything to proper working order. I’ve been using AHP for years and couldn’t imagine podcasting without it.

  5. LA Martin says:

    I am just posting this here because it’s the most recent blog entry: you people are wonderful software suppliers. I bought AudioHijack in 2004, lost my license, screwed up my machine, and eventually recovered after an email to you (you did warn me never to lose my license key again…..). Today, after parking the application in some nether region of my harddrive three years ago, I decided to revive it, only to discover that the .ape was missing, the version of the software was not compatible (I guess) with the new OS, and all kinds of other shit. Oh, and I lost my license. Ahem. After entering my email address, I was upgraded and running perfectly. So thanks to you people. Thanks for you do every day and what you slog through to make it happen.

  6. Felt lied too says:

    I think the software is great. I signed up for shareware off the apple site. After bothering to install the parts, I see noise will be added after 10 minutes of use. Hardly the definition of shareware. Try the truth in your sales pitch. Uninstalling for now. May be back

  7. Paul Kafasis says:

    Felt: While there are many definitions of “Shareware”, we never use the term to describe our own software. Your beef here is with Apple’s use of the term, not ours.

    As for the trial, we believe this is quite fair. We provide a trial that lets you use every feature of the software, without missing anything. If you wish to hijack and record audio beyond ten minutes, you need to purchase the software. It’s very much like test-driving a car, but you can test drive over and over again, without dealing with a pushy salesman.

    We need to earn a living, however, and so if you wish to use the software full-time, you need to purchase it.

  8. Kevin says:

    Does 2.8.3 still pass effects through the megamix? This was my problem with 2.8.2…

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