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Airfoil For Windows Beta

Airfoil for Windows IconRecently, we decided to re-code a large portion of Airfoil for Windows. Originally coded in Win32, it’s now been brought over to .NET. This will make it easier to maintain for the future, provide greater productivity on our end, and make it more versatile overall.

This update will be released officially in the next few weeks, but you can test it out right now. Just download it here, then leave a comment indicating any problems.

5 Responses to “Airfoil For Windows Beta”

  1. Mr. Make Believe says:

    Now you people have brought Airfoil over to .NET, would it be possible to use airfoil with .NET compact Framework in the future?

    That would make it possible for Windows CE driven handhelds to stream music to the Airport Express. I personally are waiting for that feature for a long time and I know others do.

    Lots of people are looking for a way to use a handheld to communicate wireless with the Airport Express. Nobody understands why Apple did not implemented that feature in the iPhone and touch. Wouldn´t it be great to use your player as a remote and play it´s music straight through your stereo without having computers/servers running in the back or having to use your TV for a GUI?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Corell says:

    I´ve just tried the free Airfoil trial for windows and its is absolutly a nice piece of software.

    But is there any chance that you will be able to watch a movie on your TV and get the audio over your Stereo in sync, like you can with the Airfoil for Mac!??

    As far as I´ve read this isnt possible at the moment, will there come an update soon??

    Or how do I do that..?


  3. Alain says:


    J’ai acheté, hier, Airfoil. Je suis sous Vista Premium 32 bits. Aucun problème pour installer le logiciel… mais il refuse d’accepter le mot de passe de ma borne Air Port Express.

    “The remote speaker Air Port express de Alain requires a Pass word…”

    My englis is very bad, but I understand that Air Foil need pass word of my Air Port Press… i give this pass word… and nothing… the same window appairs with the same question !!!

    I don’t understand…

    Best regards

  4. Lee Liu says:

    Any chance for a speakerLatency setting in Airfoil windows? I’ve enjoyed it on my mac but since the dawn of the itunes remote app for iphone, i’ve made my basement server do music and it’s a pc.

  5. Alain says:

    It’s okay ! I’am happy (sorry for my English : I’m French). Very Good Sound !

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