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SoundSource 2 Has Arrived!

Today we’re happy to announce an update to one of our most popular Freebies, SoundSource. Now at version 2, SoundSource features volume controls when used on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) as well as several other minor improvements.

If you’re not using SoundSource, check it out right on our Freebies. With SoundSource, you can easily adjust what audio devices are set for Output, Input, and Alert sounds, right from the menu bar. With version 2 and Leopard, you can adjust their volumes as well. And of course, you can’t beat the price – $0. Enjoy!

17 Responses to “SoundSource 2 Has Arrived!”

  1. Anonymouse says:

    As of now (12:59 Mountain Time, USA) the download link for SoundSource seems to point to an older version.

  2. Shahrum says:

    It is still pointing to 1.4 as of now…

  3. Paul says:

    Odd – looks like a server issue. It’s 2.0 now.

  4. Quentin Smith says:

    The installer is broken – it installed a bundle (not sure of its name) at /Library/Bundles. I now have a file on my system called


    And the rest of the Contents directory looks like a normal bundle. I’m running 10.5 on Intel, if that matters.


  5. Quentin says:

    Heh well that is an odd bug. Can’t reproduce it here, email me though and we can walk through it.

  6. Alan Schmitt says:

    Could it be possible to set several outputs at the same time? I could not find a way to do it, when I’m using my headset to Skype but want my wife to also hear the conversation out of the speakers…

  7. Mike says:

    Alan Schmitt, if those two devices show up as separate outputs, you can use Audio MIDI Setup (accessible at the bottom of the SoundSource menu) to create an Aggregate Device. This is just a virtual device which combines one or more physical devices. Select Audio->Open Aggregate Device Editor and you can set up the device there to combine your speakers and your headset, then use the aggregate device as your output.

  8. Alan Schmitt says:

    Thank you so much, Mike.

  9. Redz says:

    Same impression here. SoundSource 2.0, as downloaded from Macupdate and your own website, doesn’t seem to be 2.0 but an earlier version, in that it doesn’t feature the new volume sliders. At least not on my machine, an iBook 10.4.11. The “About SoundSource” menu item says it’s v2.0, though.

  10. Mike says:

    The new volume sliders depend on a new Cocoa feature for embedding arbitrary controls is menus and so they only show up on Leopard.

  11. Avi Flax says:

    Installer is also broken for me, did the same thing as Quentin saw.

  12. Nathan says:

    Hi Mike, I tried setting up an Aggregate Device however I could still only get the output coming out of one device. Could this be because the Aggregate Device is now a 4 channel device (2x 2 channel) and the audio source is only 2 channels?

  13. Eytan says:

    Add me as another person who had the same bug with the installer. Could it be that I had the older version installed to begin with?

  14. Eytan says:

    I removed the contents, and tried it again, and it worked fine. No pretty icon on the bundle though?

  15. Paul says:

    Anyone having issues should definitely contact us directly, so we can see what’s up.

    As for the SoundSource bundle, nah, because you really should never see it (and our building tools aren’t set up to do this, as .bundles aren’t able to take icons from .icns files (the standard OS X way).

  16. Adamo says:

    I have the same problem installing SoundSource. It reports it was installed successfully, but the menu bar quickly flashes and reloads itself, and there’s never any icon for SoundSource. I also cannot start it manually from the .menu file in the Library. Please help!

  17. Paul Kafasis says:

    Again, as noted (directly above this comment):

    Anyone having issues should definitely contact us directly, so we can see what’s up.

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