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Macworld Loves Airfoil 3

Airfoil, our tool for transmitting audio, to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, and other Macs and PCs, has never been better. We’ve talked about Airfoil 3 a lot lately, with good reason. Airfoil 3 is our most recent major update, full of new features. After just a month, we were ready with Airfoil 3.1, with still more new features.

As I often see, however, you don’t need to take our word on how good Airfoil is. Indeed, today, Macworld.com has a double-dose of Airfoil news. First up is Dan Frakes’ latest review. He’s reviewed Airfoil 1 in 2005 and Airfoil 2 in 2006, and he’s done an even more through job this time around for version 3. You can read his entire 4.5 Mice review right on their site.

Meanwhile, Chris Breen has been busy defending the honor of Internet radio. With products like Radioshift, expressly designed for recording Internet radio, and Nicecast, a tool for creating Internet radio stations, you know we’re proponents of the medium. In his article, Chris specifically mentions his use of Airfoil in conjunction with the Rhapsody music service, and indeed, Airfoil works great with web-based audio from Rhapsody as well as sites like Pandora.com.

If the biggest name in Mac journalism says Airfoil is pretty great, shouldn’t you check it out? Download Airfoil and try it out now.

5 Responses to “Macworld Loves Airfoil 3”

  1. Jens Krueger says:

    I really like Airfoil and use it every day. The new Air Speaker feature is also very cool. If only Radioshift would get the same amount of developer love… It has some major, major bugs in recording both windows media and mp3 streams which render it pretty much useless. Radioshift should be an early beta right now at best.

    Hard to believe that Airfoil and Radioshift are coming from the same developer team…

  2. Paul says:

    Jens: As you might imagine, we disagree, quite strongly. Radioshift has plenty of room to grow, but “an early beta” it’s not.

    If you have specific issues, please be sure to email us directly for support. But we and thousands of satisfied customers using Radioshift regularly certainly feel it’s getting plenty of “developer love”.

  3. Rubin110 says:

    Hello Paul and anyone else at Rogue Amoeba! I really appreciate the work you’ve put into Airfoil and Airfoil Speaker. I’ve been ready and willing to toss my wallet open and pay for a copy as this is exactly what I’ve been searching for the past week.

    Sadly I haven’t done so yet as there’s no support for Airfoil Speaker on *nix based systems. I’ve put a few hours into attempting to running the app through Wine on my Debian box, with no happy results, and at this point I’m very much not willing to run a copy of Windows through a virtual machine just for this app. I highly implore you to either look into a quick/dirty app for us folks that aren’t into running anything but open source for their server needs. No need for a GUI, just a simple command line app that’ll hit a config file then go into the background.

    Even if you don’t have time for this, please release some information so other open source developers could create this application for you. I’m sure there are many more users like me who would love to send you fists full of cash and don’t run anything but linux for their home server.


  4. Paul says:

    Rubin110: http://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/speakers.php

  5. Rubin110 says:

    Woot, you rock! Any ballpark eta until release?

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