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How To: Record Skype Calls With Audio Hijack Pro

Podcasting has come a long way since it was first mentioned on our blog in 2004. Instead of a separate podcasting app, we’ve worked to improve Audio Hijack Pro, making it the premier tool for recording podcasts. There are now hundreds of podcasts being recorded with help from Audio Hijack Pro and Skype.

Now, Doug Kaye and Paul Figgiani have posted a fantastic tutorial on recording Skype from Audio Hijack Pro.

This tutorial goes into great depth, providing step-by-step instructions for checking your net connection, configuring Skype and setting up Audio Hijack Pro. If you’ve been looking to get into podcasting, or just need to record Skype conversations for any reason, check out this tutorial then grab Audio Hijack Pro to get started.

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  1. Randal L. Schwartz says:

    I’ve been using AHP exclusively for about a year to do podcasts. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Even before the “hijack input and output to separate streams” gimmick in the recent AHP, I had an older, more complex layout that did exactly the same thing, using SoundFlower 2 in two different ways. Yes, if you’re doing podcasting, there is NOTHING better than AHP.

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