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Under The Microscope v3

20080210WPLogo.jpgWith this post, I’m happy to announce that Under The Microscope has just hit version 3. Our weblog started out powered by Movable Type and later moved to Pyblosxom (pronounced Pie-Blossom). This involved a lot of hand-editing and while it worked, it was far from ideal. So we’ve now updated again, and Under The Microscope is powered by WordPress.

For linking and page rank purposes, the old posts are still all around on the old Pyblosxom site. We’re also migrating them all into the archive here, however, so the Search function will be comprehensive. Comments, however, are not so easily migrated, so we’ll just see about linking back to the old site (and forward to the new one). Of course, all new posts will show up right here.

You can update your RSS link to our new feed, though I believe most clients should handle this for you. Beyond that, there are probably a few bugs to work out, so if you spot anything, leave a comment and let us know. Otherwise, just enjoy!

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a hat tip to Red Sweater’s MarsEdit, which I’m now using for all my posts. I first got a chance to use it in practice with the MacSanta developer blog, and realized just how much nicer blog writing could be. That was a major impetus for this switch, so thanks to Daniel, as well as Brent and Gus – three friends o’ the Amoeba who all have worked on MarsEdit. You can check it out yourself, on the Red Sweater site.

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  1. Lucius Kwok says:

    Yay! for WordPress.

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