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More Bug Fixes, with Airfoil 3.0.2

It’s been almost a month since version 3 of our AirPort Express extender Airfoil came out (with Airfoil 3.0.1 right behind it), and you folks are absolutely loving this update! Your praise and support has been incredible, and we appreciate it. After another few weeks of users from around the world pounding on Airfoil and sending us bug reports, we’re ready to release Airfoil 3.0.2, a free bug fix update.

Version 3.0.2 includes updates to the Instant Hijack and Soundflower extras, components for pulling audio from already-running applications and all System Audio, respectively. Airfoil Video Player has also received several key updates including improved DVD support for PAL and color-shifted DVDs, as well as better support for subtitled movies. Airfoil 3.0.2 is a free update for all owners of Airfoil 3.

You can learn all about Airfoil on the Airfoil for Mac page then download the free trial. New users can purchase for the low price of $25, while Airfoil 2 users can upgrade for just $10. If your license key begins with TX40-, you automatically receive this upgrade free of charge.

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