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My Favorite CARS Moment (or The Best Site You Weren’t Reading)

Back in 2001, a fantastic little site called Crazy Apple Rumors was launched, dedicated to lampooning Apple and the rumor sites that hang on its every word. Since that time, Editor In Chief John Moltz and his dedicated staff have brought you all the latest made-up news on Apple. Sadly, CARS appears to closing up shop, due to financial difficulties related to the departure of their benefactor known only as The Entity.

For over six years, from sexbots to the scoop on the iPhone’s one-buttony goodness to sexbots, it’s been…uh…well, it’s been over 1000 posts, that’s what it’s been. And that’s something, right? Sure it is!

I’m not quite sure where I first learned of CARS, but in 2003, Apple linked to a CARS post on Al Gore from their Hot News section. A proud day for CARS! After that prestigious link, we knew we had to advertise. I’m proud to say that CARS has been sponsored in part by Rogue Amoeba since 2004.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite moment from CARS. Virtually every post gave me a good laugh, and that’s damned good track record.

The live keynote coverage provided by CARS has long been superior to that of all other sites combined. Read up and see all the news you missed the first time around at Macworld 2008 and other events. Over the years, I’ve also been honored to be mocked myself, in several articles. Once you’ve made CARS, you know you’ve made the big time. How sad for future generations, who will be unable to measure success with the CARS metric.

But before he rides off into the sunset, I’d like to thank John Moltz for his years of service to the cause of hilarity in the Mac world (and occasionally Macworld). It is a sad day, as the Entity’s departure has seemingly brought an end to Crazy Apple Rumors. So long John, and thanks for all the rumors. We hope you’ll be back someday soon.

For those who missed the CARS boat (ha!), begin at the beginning. You won’t regret it.

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