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Macworld 2008 In Pictures

Prior to Macworld, we had planned on having what we called the “Ammo Photo Booth” – basically, the idea was for visitors to stand with our giant inflatable mascot and get their picture snapped by our resident photog Joseph. See the ridiculous photo of me, Ammo, and Sinbad for one such example.

Joseph also coded up a nice web gallery to facilitate this, so visitors could come by after the show and nab their picture with Ammo. However, the realities of the show meant that while Ammo was a big hit, the photo booth idea was a bust. Nevertheless, Joseph still managed to capture plenty of great shots, including people with Ammo, as well as other action on and off the floor. You can view it all in the gallery here:

The snap of Delicious Monster’s Mike Lee has to be my favorite – it’s just great. In addition to Joseph’s pictures, that gallery includes pictures from the Macworld photo collections of Mark Dalrymple, John Moltz, Mike Lee, Ian Baird and MyMac.com’s John Nemerovski, so thanks to all of them as well!

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