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Hear All About Us: Macworld San Francisco

It’s an abundance of Rogue Amoeba-based content this week, thanks to a handful of interviews conducted at Macworld. Let’s dive right in:

Chris Breen and I chatted about Airfoil 3 extensively on the Macworld podcast, recorded inside Macworld’s “Podquarium”, a glassed-in interview booth right on the show floor. Hat tip to Jason Snell of Macworld for that name – others have called it the Agony Booth.

I also got a chance to sit down in the Podquarium with Dan Moren, Derik Delong, and Dan Pourhadi of MacUser.com, and discuss the show announcements extensively. If this whole software development thing doesn’t work out, maybe a career in punditry is within reach.

Finally, for this installment, I did a quick segment on Audio Hijack Pro with The Digital Media Dude himself, Marcelo Lewin. It’s always great to meet and talk with the podcasters who use Audio Hijack Pro to make their podcasts!

Stay tuned for more links, from more MWSF interviews, in the future.

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