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Omni Loves Airfoil Speakers

Lotus the cat Just after the release of Airfoil 3, we received an email from our pal Brian Covey over at The Omni Group titled Airfoil Speakers: We love you.

No joke and no lies. You are my hero, and you guys’ timing couldn’t be more perfect.

We were *just* sitting around the lunch table today discussing putting together the perfect ‘ladies eighties’ playlist, but in our new office, we don’t all sit in the same room.

[Thanks to Airfoil Speakers], I can promise “Pat Benatar brought to you by: Rogue Amoeba” signs posted liberally around the office. :D


We occasionally have users try to use Nicecast for inter-office audio, but MP3 streaming isn’t designed for synced audio. With Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers, however, we’ve got a fantastic solution. Run Airfoil Speakers on all the Macs in a lab, office, or house, and you can send audio to all of them. Individual users have control over volume, so they can mute or disconnect as needed. And of course, audio plays in sync across all outputs. About the only one who won’t like it is the office cat.

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