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Macworld San Francisco 2008: Stroopwafels!

Macworld San Francisco is over, but we’ll always have the memories. They’ll be blurry due to lack of sleep, but they’re sure to be good nonetheless. When you’re an established company, Macworld is a great place to interact with not just new customers, but with your existing customers. Our biggest source of day to day interaction with this group is when things go wrong (via support email), so it’s nice to have literally hundreds of users come by and simply thank us for our software.

Perhaps most memorable among these visitors came on Friday, when a gentleman stopped by the booth to deliver delightful cookies (“Caramel Wafers – Traditional Dutch Stroopwafels”) and a note, along with his heartfelt thanks for all our work. It was incredibly nice, and I hope he won’t mind if I share with you. You can see the cookies to the right, and read the note below:

Rogue Amoeba,

Thank you for your perpetual contributions through blog posts and sharing of information to the Mac software development community. You are an inspiration and role model for those of us who one day aspire to strike out on our own.

Patrick S.

I try to express my gratitude for a job well done, and to receive such gratitude is much appreciated. Thanks again to Patrick of Squeaky Zipper and to everyone else who stopped by the booth!

Update: I totally forgot the other delectable treat we received, a special Alaskan peanut butter and chocolate bar from the Alaskan Apple User’s Group. Thanks guys!

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