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Hear All About Us: Beam Us Out, Scotty

If you don’t know Steve Scott, better known as Scotty, you’re missing out on some great podcasts. Two of the Amoebas recently had a chance to chat with Scotty, and you can tune in now.

First up, near the end of December, I had a chance to discuss exhibiting at Macworld, on the Mac Software Business podcast. We covered some of what was discussed in my original series of Macworld articles, but there was also plenty of new information. You can check out the episode here.

Meanwhile, Radioshift lead programmer Guy had a chat on the Mac Developer Roundtable. In Episode 3, he chatted with Scotty, Uli Kusterer, and two good friends of Rogue Amoeba, Gus Mueller and Daniel Jalkut. They discussed the past, the future, and errors and exception handling. You can give that a listen right here.

So there we are – tune in and hear all about it. And don’t forget, we’ll be at the Macworld this coming week, in booth #2738. Stay tuned for more information on that tomorrow!

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