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Hear All About Us: A Pair Of Radioshift Podcasts

In our last Hear All About Us, we linked you to several reviews of Radioshift. Today, we’ve got a pair of Podcasts I took part in recently.

I appeared on MacVoices with Chuck Joiner a week ago. We spoke extensively about Radioshift, including its origins and many of its features. This is definitely the most in-depth I’ve gone on it thus far, so you may find it interesting.

I also appeared on the MyMac.com podcast with Tim Robertson. You can check that out here. We discussed Radioshift, as well as some of the day-to-day aspects with running Rogue Amoeba, from how we design updates to naming our products.

Check out both these great podcasts now! Incidentally, these are just two of hundreds of podcasts made with Audio Hijack Pro.

And one final note, Radioshift was a Pick Of The Week last week on MacBreak Weekly Episode 60, along with MarsEdit from friend-o-the-amoeba Daniel Jalkut at Red Sweater. Check them both out, along with MacBreak Weekly itself.

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