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For a couple years now, we’ve had stuffed plush toys of our mascot, Ammo the Amoeba. We sell them on the site, and also give them away to friends of the company. One such friend is Macworld’s own Dan Frakes, who sent me an email recently.

I have one of your Ammo the Amoeba dolls here; I think I got it at the Expo in January? My daughter liked it at the time so we took off the gun (sorry!) and added it to her collection of stuffed animals. She’s now 20 months old and talking quite a bit, and she often surprises by saying words we didn’t realize she’d learned. Last week, one of those was “amoeba” (!). She uses it regularly now, which is a bit odd, especially for visitors who have no idea that she has a stuffed animal by that name; they just see a 20-month-old girl walking around saying “amoeba”.

In other words, thanks to you, our daughter is probably one of the (very) few 20-month-olds that actually know the word “amoeba”

I thought this was great fodder for this very weblog, and asked Dan for a picture to include with the post. He did me one better, as you can see below:

The Young Frakes In Action
(Click to play)

As Dan said in his email title, Ammo is educational!

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