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Hear All About Us: Radioshift Reviews

It’s been just a little over a week after the release of our newest application Radioshift, and the response has been great. If you haven’t checked it out yet, perhaps one of the following reviews will convince you to take a look.

Playlist (and Macworld) columnist Chris Breen had previously written about RadioTime, the power behind Radioshift’s Radio Guide, but as he correctly notes, the Mac offerings were lacking. As he says, Radioshift has a few rough edges, but it’s also got “…more than a load of potential for those who enjoy radio on their schedules rather than the schedules of their local radio station”.

Adam Engst was even more bullish on Radioshift in his TidBITS post. I was happy for the chance to provide a full demo to Adam at C4[1] this year, and in his own words, “my only real criticism of Radioshift is that it opens up a whole new world of high quality, free content (sounds terrible, doesn’t it?)”. Not too shabby!

David Chartier, in his new digs at Ars Technica had a minireview of Radioshift that’s got quite a bit of depth. He correctly notes that live recording in Radioshift is clunky at best right now (our 1.0 was aimed at timed recording) but concludes that “Radioshift is a great 1.0 app that should bring smiles to those who already love or are just getting interested in Internet radio”.

Finally, Danny Gorog’s article for APC Magazine asked “Is Radioshift the next killer app?”. We certainly hope so, though I don’t know if we’re there just yet. Stay tuned for plenty of updates and new features in the future!

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