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Radioshift – Radio On Your Schedule!

Radioshift IconToday we’re very pleased to release Radioshift 1.0, immediately available for download and purchase. With Radioshift, you can listen to and record Internet and AM/FM radio from around the world, all from a single effortlessly powerful application.

Radioshift’s built-in Radio Guide has listings for over 50,000 radio programs and stations. Using the Guide, you can find hours and hours worth of great content to listen to and enjoy. Then with as little as one click, you can subscribe to listings from the Guide. Once you’re subscribed, Radioshift will automatically record whenever the audio is on, and you can listen whenever you like. Radioshift is radio on your schedule!

You can download Radioshift right now or visit the Radioshift web page to learn more. Once you’ve tested Radioshift, it can be purchased for just $32 from our online store. Visit the Radioshift page now and get started!

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