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MakeiPhoneRingtone v1.1

Continuing in our seeming obsession with iPhone ringtones, we’ve got MakeiPhoneRingtone 1.1 available for download now. Version 1.1 uses the more stable “stik” method of turning AAC files into ringtones, as discovered by Cleverboy.

As noted earlier this week, you can create ringtones with Fission, and you can turn non-AAC files into ringtones with the right Export settings in Fission. Once you have the file, just drag and drop onto MakeiPhoneRingtone, and you’ll be set. We hope you’ll check out Fission for ringtone and general audio editing, but of course MakeiPhoneRingtone works with AAC files from any source.

MakeiPhoneRingtone has been tested on many different setups, but we can always use more details to improve it. If you have any problems, issues or questions, email us directly so we can see what’s up.

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