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Transfer Ringtones With MakeiPhoneRingtone

Yesterday I posted about using Fission to create ringtones for the iPhone. Editing with Fission is straightforward, but getting the resulting files onto the iPhone is a bit tricky. The processes for both iTunes 7.4 and iTunes 7.4.1 work, but they’re not simple.

So we thought, why not make this easier? Enter MakeiPhoneRingtone, a free download available right now. Simply drag and drop AAC ringtones (made with any editor, though we hope you’ll use Fission) onto this tiny app, and they’ll show up in the iPhone Ringtones tab. Sync your iPhone and they’ll ready for use.

Apple may release iTunes 7.4.2 in the next few days and change how this works all over again. They were quick to update from version 7.4 to 7.4.1, and ultimately, if Apple wants to lock out home brewed ringtones, they can. That said, we’ll do our best to keep MakeiPhoneRingtone working with iTunes updates. Further, if MakeiPhoneRingtone does turn out to be a tenable solution, we’ll see about integrating it right into Fission.

For now though, check out Fission to create iPhone ringtones and then use the free MakeiPhoneRingtone to get them onto the iPhone! If you have any problems, issues or questions, email us directly so we can see what’s up.

Update (9/11/07 1:30 PM): Apple has now turned on the Ringtones feature in the Store. Once you visit the store, you should see a Ringtones category in your Library (if not, open up Preferences and turn on the newly-visible Ringtones checkbox in the General preferences). Now you can manage all the ringtone files that have been added to iTunes with MakeiPhoneRingtone!

Update (9/13/07 3:00 PM): We’ve updated MakeiPhoneRingtone to version 1.1 (and changed the download links above). Version 1.1 uses the more stable “stik” method of creating ringtones – read about it or just download the latest.

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