Under The Microscope

Come On, You’d Watch That

Most of the time at the aforementioned C4 was spent indoors, but on a brief coffee break, Gruber snapped this photo of Daniel Jalkut and me.

You can find it on Flickr, there are some great comments. Based on Scott McNulty’s comment, Daniel and I are in preliminary talks to star in a new type of buddy action flick. With the relative failure of Rush Hour 3, studios are looking in other directions.

“They’re taking out the Trash and cleaning out the /tmp. In theaters next fall, it’s…The Cleaners.”

According to Gruber, who will be writing the screenplay, I’m “the mastermind – calm, cool, and collected. Jalkut’s the hot-tempered thug”. We’ve also got John August attached to direct (Gruber’s got connections).

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