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Macworld Redux And Macworld 2008 Information

Macworld logoWhile at C4[1] this weekend, I had several developers thank me for the posts on Macworld San Francisco I wrote up back in January. I’m happy to help and provide this information. It can be hard to find without doing it yourself and I know I wish we’d had these sorts of details when we first started exhibiting.

If you’re saying to yourself, “What Macworld articles?”, or if you’re considering exhibiting at Macworld in 2008 (’tis the season to be considerin’), then this post is for you.

The Should I Exhibit At Macworld? Series

Part 1: Costs – This first article is perhaps the most useful, as it provides an overview on just what it costs to exhibit at Macworld. Floor space alone is expensive, but there are plenty of other less visible costs that are worth knowing about.

Part 2: On The Show Floor – The second article in the series provides an overview of what to expect from your time on the Macworld show floor.

Part 3: Decisions, Decisions – Booth or kiosk? What about handouts? Deals with some of the decisions that need to be made when signing up for Macworld.

Part 4: Odds & Ends – The final article in the series ties things up with several scraps that didn’t make it into the first three article.

I hope the series helps a few more developers make informed decisions about exhibiting at Macworld.

For all our non-developer readers, Rogue Amoeba will be at Macworld 2008 in booth #2738 of the South Hall. I believe we’ll have free passes to give out in the near(ish) future, so be sure to watch this blog or sign up for our mailing list. The show will be January 15th through the 18th, and we hope to see you there!

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