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Dear Apple,

What a WWDC 2007 keynote! We developers are a hard bunch to please, but this year you came through.

Ever since the iPhone was announced back in January, we’ve been making requests for the ability to take part in this revolutionary product. And it looks like you’ve heard our requests, and taken the initiative to fulfill them! For this we must thank you.

We know that making SDKs is not easy, and so it boggles the mind that you were able to create a complete iPhone SDK so quickly! So much access, provided so seamlessly – it is really quite amazing.

With this new SDK, we can create something neither of us could possibly have done alone, and make the iPhone platform the mobile platform to develop for.

Anxiously awaiting his copy of the iPhone SDK,
Sarcastic Developer

Update (6/12/2007): See our follow-up post for more.

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