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Hot From The Oven, It’s Fission 1.5!

FS Icon We’re happy to announce that our easy to use audio editor Fission has just reached version 1.5 with several major new features! Fission 1.5 now has full support for audio insertion, meaning audio can now be copy and pasted within one file or copied between multiple files. One file can even be appended to another with a simple drag and drop.

Fission 1.5 brings many more features as well. The volume of any file may now be manually increased or decreased with the Gain Adjustment function, and Fission sports full support for cue sheet files as well. Couple that with improved meta-data entry with auto-complete, an improved Inspector, and many other minor features and bug fixes, and you’ve got a pretty great update. Best of all, it’s free for previously registered owners!

New users can purchase Fission for just $32 from our online store or with Audio Hijack Pro for just $50.

Get started by watching our 60-second screencast or reading more about Fission, then download Fission 1.5!

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