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Ammo In Cartoons

When I appeared on the Typical Mac User Podcast, Krishna Sadasivam was in the audience. If you don’t know Krishna, he’s the man behind PC Weenies, one of the best tech toons out there. An off-hand joke was made to using our mascot, Ammo, in a cartoon. I promised we wouldn’t sue if he did, and sure enough, here it is!

PC Weenies Cartoon

You can see new PC Weenies every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at pcweenies.org.

As well, I got an email from my buddy Ilja Iwas, of iwascoding, last week. It looks like Ammo has popped up in a cartoon of their own, after I gave Ilja one of our plush Ammo toys. From Ilja:

Hope you don’t mind that we included your company mascot in our new office drawing. That’s the one you gave me at MacWorld last year and I didn’t really think of it when I took the pictures the artist used as a starting point for the drawing

You can see the picture on their About page, Ammo’s on the left side, by the stereo.

You should also check out iwascoding’s software, particular GarageSale – if you’re selling on eBay, you should be using GarageSale.

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