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Introducing RAMP 1.0!

Today we’re happy to unveil our newest Freebie – The Rouge Amoeba Mastering Plugin, or RAMP for short. RAMP is a free audio plugin designed to elevate your audio. With RAMP, snares can soar, kik drums can thump, and guitars can be brassier, the way they should be! RAMP offers seven different functions for elevating your audio, so you can use RAMP to subtly improve the sound of all your audio.

RAMP in action:


RAMP includes Soar adjustment, to make any audio soar, particularly songs with a lot of snare drum. Be sure to turn this knob slowly, as even the tiniest adjustment on this knob makes a BIG difference. RAMP also features the Brass tweaker, perfect for guitar audio. If guitars don’t have enough brass, they sound like ass, so crank it up. This knob goes to eleven!

RAMP also includes Thump, Sheen, Warmth, Crack and Heat controls, so you can tweak your audio to perfection. You audio never sounded better than it will when you use RAMP, so get started now!

RAMP is the best improvement you can make to your audio, short of $13,000 power cables or $160 cable elevators. You might expect to pay hundreds of dollars for such a marvel, but RAMP is 100% free! Download RAMP right now and start elevating your audio today!

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