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Working Towards A Software Monopoly

A few months ago, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater wrote an article about purchasing a software product from its developers, taking full ownership and future development rights. He received a fair number of offers and went silent (publicly anyhow).

Black Ink IconRed Sweater then acquired MarsEdit, as “reported” here first. This was a different acquisition altogether, but it forced the original acquisition to the back burner.

Last week, Daniel finally announced the original acquisition and released Black Ink 1.0. Black Ink is a fun crossword puzzle app, and while it’s not quite as headline-grabbing as MarsEdit, it’s just as cool. Check out Black Ink at Red-Sweater.com.

Full Disclosure: I provided a bit of (hopefully) sage advice to Daniel in the course of both of his acquisitons, but I have no vested interest.

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