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This Is Only A Test

Update #2: Hello TUAW and Ars readers. This post really wasn’t meant for you, but apparently on this so-called “Interweb”, anyone can link to anything. This information is disturbing, to say the least, and I’ve already written my representatives about it.

Anyhow, this post was written for the regular readers of our weblog, so we could pick up some testers for our next application. As audio users and users of our existing product, they’re the perfect group of testers, and I firmly believe they’ll find AHT to be revolutionary. As for the rest of the world, we’ll have to see.

The problem here is we’re not yet ready to reveal any information about AHT, so there’s really nothing to see here. Maybe you’d be interested in this recent article on our web hosting experience?

We didn’t intend for this to make news anywhere but with our existing readers, but by getting linked from the aforementioned sites, we’ve apparently “built buzz”. Oddly enough, we prefer to do our marketing when we have an application available to buy, not before. Weird, I know. Here, all we really wanted to do was get some testers. I must say, this certainly worked better last time around! I guess we’ll have to switch things up for the future.
Our next major application has been in development since last year, and we’re ready to begin a private testing process. We’re not saying much about this new application, but its code name is AHT and I’m confident I can use the word revolutionary in describing it.

If you’re interested in testing AHT, just follows these simple steps.

Step 1: Register for an account on our Forums (or Fora, if you prefer).

Step 2: E-mail us with your full name, email address, and forum member name.

Update #1: We got only a few dozen submissions through Sunday, but as of Monday afternoon, we’ve received several hundred emails. Apparently, no one works at work. Anyhow, we’re all set for now, so we’re closing the submissions. We’ll choose randomly, and email those who get in Wednesday evening. If you don’t hear from us, stay tuned, as we’ll likely bring on a second wave. Thanks to everyone for your interest!

Step 3: Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and wait to hear from us.

Please just email us once – we won’t be able to respond to emails about this. We’ll be drawing our first pool of testers next Wednesday, so if you’re chosen you’ll hear from us then. If you don’t hear back from us, stay tuned as we’ll likely bring on additional testers in the future.

Feel free to guess at what AHT means in the comments here.

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