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Hear All About Us: February 2nd, 2007 Edition

I’ve had a busy few weeks at CES and Macworld, conducting several interviews.

First up, Chris Breen invited me on to the Macworld podcast, where he was chatting with people who were at the show but weren’t exhibiting. We talked about Fission and some of Rogue Amoeba’s other products. You can listen to that podcast here. I’m after the two professional photographers – an odd mix.

Brent Simmons and I also got together to talk with David Chartier of The Unofficial Apple Weblog at Macworld. We talked about the show itself, as well as many different aspects of being a small Mac developer. Check out this (hopefully) insightful discussion right here. Also, he was filming it as well, but the capture crapped out when his hard drive filled up, so ignore any references to the video.

Finally, this week I spoke to Jeff Smykil of Ars Technica. That interview just went up today, so if you’re not sick of hearing from me yet, you can read it right here. Learn more about Rogue Amoeba and see a picture of me smiling zealously alongside Brent Simmons, DrunkenBatman, and Wolf Rentzsch.

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