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In a victory for developers (Developers! Developers! Developers!) everywhere, team Brute Camp defeated team Justice League in the 2007 MacBrainiac Challenge. Team captain Rich Siegel of Bare Bones asked me to participate, and we were joined by Brent Simmons of NetNewsWire fame and Scott Knaster of Google. We were up against the infamous Andy Ihnatko of Macworld and the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as Macworld’s Dan Frakes, TidBITS’ Adam Engst, and tech guru Ted Landau.

Evil genius (and birthday boy) Chris Breen had some tough questions for us, and the audience was beating both teams at one point early on. You can be sure I felt quite dumb, but fortunately the rest of the team picked up my slack. I do believe I was able to shine on the stunts (the most valuable questions by points), including one point when I buzzed in too soon, and I performed a (lucky) currency conversion in my head.

It could have gone either way, but the developers prevailed in a semi-controversial final stunt. You can see my trophy to the right, flanked by the prototypes for our Ammo plushes. It was great fun, and thanks are due to all involved. As for team Justice League, I’m game for a rematch.

We may have more MWSF-related posts, but if you haven’t read the Crazy Apple Rumors Post-Keynote Keynote Live Blog, go now.

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