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One Hundred Developers!

Wow! One hundred different participants have now signed up at MacSanta.com, and that’s amazing. Thanks to MacSanta, you can now save on over 200 different software products, from companies both big and small.

There are Macworld Best of Show winners, Apple Design Award winners, and Macworld Eddy winners. There are programs so new they haven’t even been reviewed yet. There are applications from companies who’ve been on the Mac for more than a decade, and applications from one guy working his tail off in his garage. There are games, utilities, system enhancements and much more, and it’s all 20% off.

What do we, the participants of MacSanta, all have in common? We’re all coming together and offering discounts in the hopes of more people checking out the great Mac software you might not find in the Apple store. In exchange, you can learn about some new stuff you’ve never heard of before, and get a great deal on purchasing it. Not too shabby!

If you’d like to help spread the word, please feel free to use any of the following images on your own site:

Recap: Through December 25th, 20% off hundreds of great Mac software applications at http://www.macsanta.com. Spread the word!

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