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Hear All About Us: November 16th, 2006 edition

The MacCast has a great review up for Fission. Choice quote:

“I have, I figure, at least 5 other tools that can do these exact same transformations on audio files, but none of them with the kind of hyper-focused elegance and simplicity of Fission.”

Meanwhile, Chris Marshall with the MacReviewCast also discussed Fission and Audio Hijack Pro on the show recently, with a delightful British accent (because he’s British, you see). Surfbits.com also has written reviews for both Audio Hijack Pro and Fission. In Chris’ words: “Brilliant!”

Finally, The Unofficial Apple Weblog’s on-again off-again podcast seems to be back on, with episodes almost every week in the past month. This week’s episode is titled The Delicious Cast, and goes in depth on some of the ideas I discussed in my Delicious Generation article last week.

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