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C4 = Code, Culture, Community, Conspiracy

If you weren’t aware, the first C4 conference took place in Chicago last weekend 1. Just shy of 100 leading Mac developers showed up to talk about all things Macintosh development, with a single track of sessions mixed with plenty of time to talk. A whole heapful of respect and thanks to Wolf Rentzsch for putting it all together.

For me, C4 was a good chance to see some old friends in the development community, as well as make a few new ones. As well, I participated on the closing panel, moderated by the one and only DrunkenBatman. As has been noted elsewhere, I didn’t have my own session at the show (so some hadn’t seen me before) and I went unintroduced. I later joked that I didn’t need an introduction – you should already know who I am, dammit. Seriously though, if you were wondering who that guy in the blue shirt was? Hi, I’m Paul Kafasis, CEO/Lackey of Rogue Amoeba.

C4 has been better summarized elsewhere, particularly by Daniel Jalkut. Other C4 info is available across the web. You can also find all the best dirt, if you’re interested in Mac developer gossip.

I don’t know what the future holds for C4. If Wolf is especially crazy, he’ll do it again next year. If so, the Mac community at large is sure to benefit.

1. This was especially convenient as it was also the weekend of the Chicago marathon, so after an intense 24 hours of sessions and drinking, we had the option of running 26.2 miles in the cold. To my knowledge, no one took advantage of this opportunity.

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