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UBB If you click the Forums link at the top of the Rogue Amoeba site, you may notice that the forums (or “fora”, if you happen to be a part of the Roman Empire) have changed.

Hopefully you’re not too scared of change, because this update brings some nice new features for running the forums. From your perspective, it should continue to work as a nice place to chat about our software, and get ideas and information from other users (as always, if you need support help, contact us directly). For us, it will now be much easier to manage and control the forums.

Two notes accompany this update:

1) Unfortunately, we can’t migrate from our old forum system, so we’ve made a clean break. We’ll have a link up to the archived forums shortly, The old forums can be accessed here, for searching old posts. All new posts will go in the new forums.

2) Our testers forums will be back shortly, so old testers should just sit tight and stay tuned.

If you’re curious, the major reason for this change is that our forum software was terrifically out of date. It was created way back in 2000 or so. In internet time, it wasn’t just dead, it had fossilized and could be used to power automobiles. In fact now that we’ve switched, I’ll be using it for my gasoline powered generator (for Y2.038K, of course).

That’s enough prattling by me – check out the new forums right here, and you can prattle too.

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