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Fission Explodes Onto The Scene!

FS IconToday we’re very pleased to release Fission 1.0, available now! Fission is a streamlined audio editor supporting MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless and AIFF audio natively, as well as working with other formats imported via QuickTime. With Fission, you can instantly trim and split files with no quality loss!

Fission can be used to cut commercials from recordings, split long recordings into multiple files, create ringtones for cell phones, and much more. Fission is great for anyone working with audio, as well as making a great companion to Audio Hijack Pro.

Learn more on the Fission web page or download Fission immediately. Once you’ve tested Fission, it can be purchased for just $32 from our online store. Visit the Fission page now and get started!

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